The 5 Secrets To Getting High Case Value Patients in 2017

Facebook Advertising

The High Case Value Patient

As non-surgical treatments become more and more popular, there is a HUGE opportunity to consistently bring in high case value patients each month. Trying to attract quality patients to your practice is the number one problem doctors face. Before we jump into the solution, let’s discuss what a high case value patient looks like:

  1. They have good insurance.

  2. They’re willing to consider cash treatments.

  3. They show to their appointments.

  4. They become great referrers.

This type of patient is the new “holy grail” for integrated medical clinics.

But how do you attract them?

After working with over 100 clinics, we’ve been able to see what works in attracting the best patients, which is part of the reason we have been able to generate such incredible results for our clients. Here are what we’ve found to be the most important five things…

Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say!

Secret #1: Advertising on Facebook.

This site doesn’t need much of an introduction, as it now has over 2 billion active users. This giant online platform allows you to specifically target the exact type of patient that you want to attract. Believe it or not, the demographic typically most interested in non-surgical pain relief is very active on Facebook. A simple look into the back-end of Facebook Ads Manager can show you the number of people in your ideal demographic. Facebook’s powerful targeting ability allows you to achieve the lowest cost-per-lead, far lower than any other advertising platform. With Facebook, we can put the right message in front of the right audience, all while driving down costs and improving conversions.

As a business owner, you know there is serious money to be made through Facebook. But where do you start?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Let’s get started.

Secret #2: Target the right people

One of the main benefits of Facebook is its extensive targeting ability. Although your ad may be perfect, it will not convert if the right people are not seeing it. Period.

Understanding the demographics of your target audience is critical for the success of your business. Our research allows us to gain actionable insights into who you should be targeting, such has the ideal patient’s age, sex, and proximity to your clinic. Our research typically leads to one of two conclusions…

  • Expand the demographic
    If your demographic only applies to 1,000 people, it’s best to expand your audience.

  • Narrow the demographics
    If your existing demographic is too big, your budget would be better spent trying to pull in more people from a smaller radius.

Bottom line, it’s a balancing act. After running a few campaigns that are successful, you can use the audience data you’ve accumulated to enrich future targeting and its snowballs.

For Example: Start with location, then age, then narrow your audience down to your ideal audience for your practice and condition. If you’re looking for cash pay stem cell patients, use income targeting and behavior targeting. If you’re looking for medicare patients, mention medicare on your ad and target broadly.

Secret #3: Build the Right Ad

Facebook has a variety of different ad types. Whether your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, collect information from prospects, or attract visitors to a brick and mortar store, there’s something for just about every type of marketing goal. Regardless of the type of ad you run, every successful ad should:

  • Implement eye-catching and relevant images.

  • Secure their interest by talking about a solution to a problem they have.

  • Add strong, effective, compelling ad copy. Your headline should be your offer.

  • Use powerful persuasion triggers like new information, scarcity, free, social proof, and more to ensure you give them every reason to act now.

If any of these factors are missing, you may find yourself losing money fast and wondering what’s going wrong. An effective ad is simple, but it cannot neglect any of these elements and be successful.

Once you have a successful campaign, you can build on the success by using complementary campaigns to bring cost-per-lead down and improve results. For example, if you have a campaign successfully generating leads, you can enrich that campaign by adding in other types of campaigns that all drive to the same ad. In the end, Facebook advertising is always about testing, tweaking and improving.

Secret #4: The Landing Page

The entire ad needs to be engineered to do one thing: get the right person to click through, and keep everyone else from clicking. We don’t want to educate the masses about treatments that aren’t applicable to them.

Our goal is to zero in on the people who want and need our services. If you want to capture high-quality leads, then your landing page has to convey your message clearly.

So what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a page that someone lands on after clicking on an online advertisement. The purpose of a landing page is to capture leads.

Landing pages fail by getting wordy or not being relevant to the ad. Stick with the momentum you’ve already created. Make sure the page includes a captivating title, relevant images, appointment request forms in 3 separate places throughout the copy, your clinic’s phone number in at least 4 spots, and a call-to-action to remind the lead to book an appointment.

Landing pages can achieve impressive results if the right design and copy elements are in place.

Secret #5: Online Scheduling

Once a lead has clicked your ad and filled out the form on the landing page, they’ve demonstrated that they are interested in your services. This is the time to strike-when the iron is hot! Your job is to make it easy for them to book a specific day and time for their appointment. One of the best practices is to implement an online scheduling tool on the thank you page that pops up after they fill out their contact info on your landing page. Give your potential patient the option to call the clinic for an appointment as well. The more options you give them to schedule, the more likely they are to convert.

Follow-up (best practices)

The real fortune is in the follow up! When you think about it, it’s quite a miracle to be able to target your ideal audience and acquire their information for a minimal investment.

But even that miracle is not enough to fill your practice with new patients and revenue. After spending X amount of marketing dollars, the last thing you want is to lose leads due to a tied up phone line or an inexperienced staff.

These mistakes can be costly. To rectify this, your front desk staff should have three goals: 

  • Focus on booking an appointment.

  • Quickly answer all questions needed to secure an appointment.

  • Redirect other questions back to the appointment.

At Be Top Local, we teach a proprietary follow-up system that shows you and your team EXACTLY how to follow-up for the best results with your leads. We pride ourselves on doing this, because it’s a personal touch missing from most other digital marketing agencies. Our hands-on training consistently ushers leads in through the front door of our clients. Clinics that try to do this on their own are lucky to schedule 2 out of 10 Facebook leads. Our clients average scheduling 60-80% of leads, and many of our clients convert 25-35% or more of our leads to patients.

To see the EXACT system we use to get these kind of results for our clients and to let us prove the system works for FREE, check out our case study page: 

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Who is Be Top Local

At Be Top Local, we specialize in generating new patient opportunities for Integrated Medical Clinics that are primarily treating knee pain, back pain, neuropathy, and diabetes. We offer proven lead generation campaigns, extensive best practices training, no monthly contracts, and a lead guarantee. We generate primarily using free consultation campaigns and free seminar campaigns. We spend upwards of about $130,000 a month on Facebook Ads for our clients, generating $2,500,000+ in new patient revenue monthly.