Advanced Facebook Advertising

Generate An Immediate ROI With Hyper-Targeted Facebook Ads

Let’s cut to the chase. You don’t want visitors. You don’t even want leads.

You want revenue.

You want a tangible, scalable ROI from your advertising campaigns, and there is no better solution on the market today than Facebook advertising. Forget the low margins and massive testing threshold of Google Adwords. Facebook lets you generate and scale an immediate ROI through its incredibly focused ad targeting systems.

Why is Facebook so powerful?

For starters, the social media titan has been collecting information from its users for the last 12 years. No other ad platform lets you target potential customers so specifically. We’re talking gender, age, income, interests, location, and so much more.

At Be Top Local, we combine Facebook’s powerful system with an expert team and decades of experience in order to deliver immediate, scalable results for our clients.

How We Optimize Your Campaigns For Maximum ROI

When you work with Be Top Local, you can say goodbye to guesswork. We follow a proven system for all of our clients and then tailor it specifically to your unique goals. Here’s the basics:

  • Campaign Setup: We’ll navigate all of Facebook’s red tape so you don’t have to. We’ll pick the best interests and targeting for you, based on which leads you’re most interested in capturing.

  • Ad Creation & Testing: Since Facebook doesn’t charge for advertising unless someone clicks on your ad, it’s worth it to experiment. We’ll run A/B tests on different keywords and graphics to make sure you’re reaching your audience.

  • Landing Page Creation: Rather than leave you in the dark on what’s working, we create specific landing pages for the ads we run on Facebook. Each landing page is written to convert customers by encouraging them to take action.

  • Reporting & Measurement: Since we create landing pages and Facebook advertisements for your campaign, we can tell you exactly what’s working. You’ll get monthly reports on exactly how many leads and conversions Facebook has generated for you.

Ready To Roll? Here’s What You Can Expect

  1. Personal Consultation

    We’ll sit down with you and discuss what you’re advertising and who your dream customers are.

  2. Research

    Once we have a better understanding of your product, we’ll do additional research. We’ll get data on your target audience, your competitors, and anything else we need to create a stellar campaign.

  3. Campaign Creation

    We’ll use Facebook to create a campaign that’s perfect for your audience. We’ll also set up unique landing pages on your site so we can measure the exact impact of your Facebook ads.

  4. ROI Reporting

    Each month, we’ll send you a detailed report covering money spent, click-through rate, and conversion rate. We’ll also include what steps we plan to take next. Throughout the process, we’ll be a phone call away if you have any questions.