“We’ve worked with a lot of marketing firms who talked a big game. Honestly, you guys were the first ones who really delivered. And you make us feel like we’re you’re only client.”

Dr. Ali Salari, Sarasota Spine & Joint

(Now he’s closing up to 80% of patients that show!)

We walk the talk.
You reap the returns.

Growing specialty medical practices since 2015.

We’ve spent years learning the nuances that make driving new patients for medical businesses different than any other niche.

That’s why we’re so confident we can get you results.

Awarded Members of ClickFunnels '2 Comma Club'

We’ve built multiple marketing funnels that generated over $1,000,000 in revenue for clients: over $35M in 2017 alone.

ClickFunnels independently reviews financial records to ensure validity.


How we prove it:
You’re guaranteed results.
If you don’t see them, we pay out of pocket until you do.


How we prove it:
You’ll always know what we’re doing, why, and how it’s working.
No secrets: everything is reported and explained.


How we prove it:
Frequent, open communication. Call us anytime, for any reason.
And hey—we’ll update you without waiting to be asked.

“Newspaper, direct mail, other internet marketing companies, no one else comes close.”

Mike Bystrom, Escalon Physical Medicine

“We have been working with BTL for over 15 months and are scheduling 15-20 New Patients a WEEK”

Dr. Moorman, Care Medical Center

Meet the team!
You're going to love working together.


Nik was too busy helping clients to respond with details for this bio. We think that pretty much says it all.

He used to work for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He prefers working with Doctors.

Nik Robbins


Ben is the “Integrator,” overseeing operations, managing the leadership team, and handling the everyday challenges of running an elite team.

He’s deathly allergic to corporate bullshit.

Ben Jensen


Eric is the get-er-done guy responsible for making sure clients get whatever they need to be successful.

He can juggle while riding a bike (proving he’s a really good multitasker.)

Eric Jensen

Fulfillment Manager

Lori keeps clients smiling and helps make our processes, procedures, and client service better all the time.

She owns a pitbull named Xane.


VP Customer Relations

Kyle is the man responsible for rescuing medical clinics from terrible agencies and introducing them to Be Top Local.

And he absolutely loves his daughter. Awww.



Director of Sales

Alex runs the office like a well-oiled machine so the rest of the team can focus on helping our clients.

She’s absolutely terrified of fish.

Alex Roper

Office Manager

Paige works with clients to turn as many incoming leads into patients as is humanly possible.

She loves watching murder mysteries and practicing yoga—occasionally at the same time.


Account Manager

Maria runs the numbers on client campaigns, making sure they’re all performing brilliantly.

Speaking of brilliant performances, she’s also an accomplished dance teacher.

Maria Huerta

Facebook Marketing Assistant

Scott works directly with lead handlers to transform them into sales machines. He also helps Doctors act on new opportunities to grow their business.

His dogs have more than 20,000 followers on instagram.

Scott Marshall

Account Manager

Great people always welcome.

Looking for an opportunity to learn and grow with a proven team of honest folks?
We take care of our team as well as we take care of our clients.

Here's what we are looking for...

The same four values our clients look for in us:

  • You’ll do whatever it takes to get things done.
  • You have a positive mental attitude.
  • You’re a fun human being.
  • You believe in Constant and Never-Ending
    Improvement (never settling for “good enough.”)

Does that sound like you?

Join our team... Call us!