Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improve your rankings & show up in results when customers search

To get on the front page and stay there, you need a calculated strategy built on sustainable tactics.

There are plenty of Utah SEO companies lining up to sell you empty promises or cheap, ineffective “solutions” that get you banned by Google.

But if you want measurable success, you need a partner who knows what’s current, what works, and how to turn keywords and traffic into customers and sales.

There are two sides of SEO you need to know about:

The technical side deals with how well your site is built and how easy it is for search engines to understand – reducing load times, improving navigation and tweaking code.

The marketing side is about smart promotion – earning links, generating buzz and creating an experience customers want to share

We bring a healthy balance of both.

We help you with…

  • Technical Audits: Assessing your site’s structure, load time, coding and more to eliminate issues that keep you from ranking.

  • Keyword Research & Mapping: Finding keywords with the right mix of traffic, competition and buyer’s intent, then using them the most effectively onsite.

  • Content Creation & Optimization: Planning and creating content that attracts customers and keeps search engines happy.

  • Link Building & Outreach: Promoting your site to trusted websites in your city, niche or audience to earn links that improve your rankings and send qualified traffic.

  • Ongoing Monitoring & Reporting: Watching trends and offering insights you can capitalize on to maximize your returns.

How Our SEO Process Works:

  1. One-on-One Consult

    We’ll chat with you to better understand your business, needs and goals and assess whether SEO is the most effective way to get you the ROI you’re after.

  2. Research & Strategy

    We research keywords, study competitors and audit your site – then use what we’ve learned to build a strategy that gets you in front of more paying customers.

  3. Delivery

    After discussing the strategy with you, we implement everything as we promised. We check in with you frequently, and we’re never more than a phone call away.

  4. ROI Reporting

    Every month, we deliver a clear report on what we’ve been up to, the results, and what needs to happen next.